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We believe online has become a viable channel to do real business

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In-Company or Conferences

Do you want to spark thoughts and great discussion on your next management team or board meeting? 

You can book us for a inspirational keynote of 1h followed by a moderated discussion.

Topic #1: How does the new customer look like? 

Topic #2: From the biggest corporates to the smallest brand – A proven approach to grow your online business

Topic #3: How not to run you innovation projects – a 5 step plan to do it right


Digital Business Sessions

We believe the time is right to do real business online. 

For this you will need to integrate your online sales and marketing approach even more. How to do it right for your business, product, market,… is not an easy thing to figure out.

In a full day workshop we take your sales, marketing or management team on a accelerated journey to discuss how you can kickstart or accelerate the online/omnichannel side of your business. 

At the end of the day you will have a shortlist of your company’s long term believes when it comes to your business and an experimentation agenda to test your assumptions in the months following the workshop.

A helicopter view with concrete next steps.


Full Tracks

Co-Pilot your Innovation Project

As seasoned strategist and executers we can help you to build an organization ready for the future. Together we can design a custom track meeting your specific needs.

#1 Long term direction: based on a online scan we do of your industry and your team’s expertise we co-create a longer term direction we want to head in. Knowing what not to do is equally important as knowing what you want to do.

#2: Experiments: We define some concrete experiments you can do in the market to validate or debunk the strategic assumptions we have made together. The market is always right.

#3: Momentum: after the experiments and based on the output you decide to Accelerate, Pivot or Kill the project.

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We can always customize keynotes, workshops or tracks or build one from scratch. Let’s sit together and discuss.

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